Wire-Free Smart Earphones with
Built-In Heart Rate and Fitness Monitoring

  • Wire-Free - No Cords!
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in Heart Rate and Fitness Tracking
  • 4-Point Secure Fit
  • Sweat & Water Resistant
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Product Details

Size: 2 ½" high x 2" wide
Weight: .5 ounce/16 grams each

Technical Details

  • iOS / Android
  • 4.0 Bluetooth
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • 100 MAH Battery
  • ADC and DAC Stereo
  • 2 Electret Condensor Microphones on Each Side
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Dual Core Architecture

Product Includes

  • 1 Set (2 Earphones)
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Protective Case
  • Product Manual
  • Access to App


Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall

As a professional athlete, I'm always looking at ways I can optimize my workout and one way I like to do that is by listening to inspirational music. When I'm doing a workout, it's really important for me to have freedom of motion so I can stay mentally focused. With FreeWavz, I can be ‘head up' the whole way. No need to buy a separate device for distance, heart rate, or for music.

Sara Hall

Sara Hall

For me, finding an earphone that is both wire-free and has a secure fit is really important and FreeWavz has a fit unlike any other I've tried. Plus, you have both your music and fitness information being delivered to you audibly so you can continue your workout and stay focused without any distractions. They are so lightweight and allow me to Go the Distance!

Leslie K. Rosegger

Leslie K. Rosegger

FreeWavz is an open fit device, projecting sound naturally into the ear canal as opposed to earplug-like devices that get jammed up into the canal, reducing acoustic quality and producing an occlusive effect, like you are in a bucket or cave.

FreeWavz also follows the natural curve of the pinna/auricle (around the ear) and the earbud follows the natural shape of the concha bowl. This provides for better comfort, a very secure fit, and a wider array of feature options. Devices that are made to be only inserted into the concha bowl / ear canal will either not be secure, or have to be custom molded to stay in place, especially as the wearer sweats or as the jaw moves.

I was so impressed with the design and features of FreeWavz that I was one of the first buyers.



Can I wear FreeWavz with sunglasses or glasses?
Our founder and inventor, Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. Eric Hensen, gets that question quite frequently in the office with patients naturally concerned about the wear of glasses with other hearing devices, so we kept that in mind when we designed FreeWavz. The thin, flexible neck around the top of the ear allows adjustment for a tighter or looser fit around the ear and the ability to comfortably accommodate eyeglasses or sunglasses.
Can I swim with FreeWavz?
Despite suggestions by other wireless products that you can use their devices in the water, water heavily attenuates the signal in certain frequency ranges and will likely result in poor performance. Thus, FreeWavz are not designed for swimming; however, they are sealed with a rubber overmold and are sweat and water resistant.
What is the Bluetooth range?
The Bluetooth Core Specification range for class 2 Bluetooth devices is 10 meters or 32 feet; however, there are several variable in the range of Bluetooth reception that could extend or disrupt the range of signal. In general, your controlling FreeWavz device would need to be within this range to connect to your source device and the other FreeWavz device would need to be within this range if you are sharing with others.
How is the voice clarity if used as a Bluetooth headset?
Based on calls made with our pre-production prototype, the voice reception is so clear, listeners can't tell we are on FreeWavz Bluetooth headsets.
Will we charge for software upgrades in the future?
We will be continuing to release new features that you can upload into your FreeWavz. We will not charge for features that enhance existing capabilities as a fitness wearable device. We would only charge for substantial new capabilities. For instance, if we developed the capability to do two-way language translation (each party wears one and it translates into your/their native language) using your existing hardware, that would be considered a substantial new capability.
Do FreeWavz include an accelerometer?
Yes, FreeWavz incorporates a 3-axis accelerometer that is already incorporated into the electronic board assembly. It is used for steps and distance calculations and can also be used in the future for acceleration, cadence, drop rate, and time at rest and in motion.